Social Media Marketing

Communicate & Engage With Your Audience

If your business isn’t actively represented on social media, then you’ve already lost to your competition. Glen Park Media can help you to design and execute the right campaigns to find, grow, and engage your audience. All of our campaigns are driven by data and reported back to you so you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign and measure ROI.

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

We can create and optimize a Facebook page for your business. We will post regularly for your business while measuring successful engagements and boosting performing posts. We also run complete Facebook advertising for your business goals with page likes, site traffic, and customer acquisition. All of this comes with measurable results so you know what you are getting for your marketing dollars.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a fast growing platform that can help your business gain brand awareness, inform customers of the latest services or products and promote events. As part of Facebook’s advertising platform, we can extend your Facebook advertising or create unique marketing campaigns for Instagram.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the place to keep your customers engaged, informed and excited about everything going on in your business. We can create tweets just for your business that draw in customers attention of the latest happenings. We’ll work with you to decide what content we will use. If you are interested in running advertising on Twitter we can develop custom campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing

For businesses looking to gain an edge, LinkedIn is the place to be, especially for B2B advertising. We can build your business page, groups, and run advertising that will target individuals or businesses with your products and services. The LinkedIn content we create will be professional and industry-specific. Together, we can help build your

company through LinkedIn advertising.

YouTube Marketing

With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine. We can create and optimize a YouTube channel for your business. Video advertising has taken the lead in the digital marketing world because of how engaging the content can be. We also run video advertising campaigns through YouTube, targeting your ideal customer base.

Conversion Tracking

The success of your social media marketing campaigns is impossible without proper conversion tracking. We track and report impressions, clicks, and conversions coming through your social media marketing campaigns. We understand that social media advertising is an investment and we are here to help you determine your ROI.

Analytics Reporting

We are proud of our social media marketing and want you to know it. Each month we send a detailed report and analytics of your current campaign. We also send you weekly updates so you are always in the loop with the work going on for your business.