PPC Services

Strategy, Management, and Analysis 


Ad copy that reflects who you are

Ad copy development

We develop ad copy that highlights the unique selling points of the business, while maintaining the brand language and embodying your brand experience. We ensure a consistent message and use a variety of ad sitelink and enhanced sitelink extensions in the ad campaigns to ensure that the ads provide easily accessible and relevant information to the consumer.

  • Proactively adjusted copy to account for seasonality and new promotions

  • Focused ad copy that highlights your value proposition

  • Consistent messaging that fits your brand guidelines


You can't change what you do not measure

Analysis and reporting

We know the importance of audience patterns and online behavior when determining the success of online campaigns. We use a combination of information gained through Google Analytics and additional available tools (Webmaster Tools, Google Insights, Google Trends) to provide a well-rounded view of campaign efforts.

Put your pay-per-click campaigns on all the key channels: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Glen Park Media is a preferred partner for Google for digital media advertising. The campaigns are a mix of branded search and unbranded search for in-market and inspirational goals. The actual mix of marketing budgets across channels and keywords varies by clients' business objectives. 

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Building campaigns based on exact targets

Personas and keyword strategy

Our campaigns begin by defining the personas for the target audience and identifying the key markets that will be most beneficial for our client. Through a combination of best practices, research, and competitor analysis, we determine a list of highly-relevant, brand and regional-specific target keywords.

  • Target users for strong brand awareness and audience

  • Different match types and negative keywords

  • Find new opportunities with evolving keyword list

  • Performance monitoring to manage keyword usage


Bidding for the right terms

Bidding strategy

We strategically bid on a variety of relevant demand-drivers to capture market demand of repeat visitors already searching for the brand. We also capture the external demand of "uncommitted" consumers. Glen Park Media adjusts ad group and keyword bids as appropriate to ensure that the campaigns are meeting the performance goals.

  • We identify opportunities to make bid and budget adjustments

  • Bid changes can vary based on many factors

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