Google Ads for Plumbing Services

If the internet were like Game of Thrones, Google Search would be sitting on the Iron Throne. For the plumbing industry especially, Google has been a better place to spend ad money than The Yellow Pages and other print resources for many years now.

For plumbing businesses, mastering Google Ads can be a highly effective strategy but also a costly one if not done correctly.

When potential customers type their problem into that search bar and hit Enter, you’ll want your ad to show up towards the top of that search results page. It’s that simple.

At the same time, how you construct that ad matters. Here’s what an effective plumber marketing ad looks like:

So what makes this a strong ad? A few things:

  • Headline 1 is tailored to mirror the user’s likely search term: “Get a plumber in 90 minutes.”

  • Headline 2 (separated from Headline 1 with a hyphen) entices the reader to click by telling them that services start as low as $20.

  • Display URL is relatable and directly references the type of plumbing the user is searching for (“/bathroom”).

  • Description section clearly defines the value proposition for the user and shows the various relevant services available in a bit more detail.

  • Vital information such as the company address and phone number, are front and center so the user doesn’t have to go searching for it elsewhere.

It’s worth mentioning that when the customer does click on the ad itself, they should be directed to the most relevant URL on your site that addresses the problem the customer was searching for.

In this case, it’s an issue with their bathroom plumbing, so they should be sent to the bathroom fixtures page on your site.