10 Major Benefits For Using Google Adwords

Many businesses are looking to grow their business and reach new customers, well let's go through some of the benefits in using Google Adwords. Now, Google Adwords is not a new tool, it has been available for a long time now and it has become a vital part of many small and big successful businesses.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking of trying Adwords for your business, so in this article we will go through the Major Benefits of Google Adwords for Business and hopefully these benefits will convince you to start running Adwords campaigns for you business.

The goal of every business (small or big) is to drive more sales or leads and reach more customers. With Adwords, its all up to you to reach out to your potential customers within a few miles of your business, or broadcast your ads to entire regions, countries, province or state.

What ever the goal may be, to drive sales, create brand awareness or you want to reach some specific kind of people in a particular location at a particular time, Google Adword gives you that flexibility and you can decide how much you want to spend.

If you’re unfamiliar with Adwords, it’s simply a pay-per-click service which allows you to create and run ads for your business. These clickable ads are then displayed in Google’s search results and other website running Google Adsense on their page. By using the right keywords for your ads, you’re already close to your target audience and people that have an interest in your product or service.

Still, interested?

Here are the 10 main benefits why you should use Google Adwords for your Business.

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Adwords works faster than SEO

  3. Targeted Location: Stay Local or Go Global

  4. You pay only when people click your ads

  5. Flexible Payment: You choose how much you want to pay

  6. Your ads on Google and beyoud

  7. Reach your Targeted customer

  8. Measure your performance

  9. Language Targeting

  10. Specific Timing

Brand Awareness

You want people to know you? Adwords is the fastest way. With Google Adwords display and

video ads you can start creating ads campaigns for your brands awareness, get your brand and your message in front of people who otherwise may not even know your business exists.

Google AdWords puts you at the top of the search results, show your ads to youtube views and email readers meaning anyone searching for keywords or viewing your keywords related videos on youtube your ads will be displayed and creates awareness.

Adwords works faster than SEO

Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you are, you must have noticed that one major disadvantages of using SEO is that it takes months before you can start noticing any result. That is the case of SEO, but in Adwords things are very different.

Once your Adwords campaign goes live, you immediately starts seeing results and you can start seeing conversions. And once its live you can start you have the time to discover which of your keywords and ads text is performing more effectively and the once that are not, and these data can be used to construct a effective campaign based on your decision.

Because Adwords is faster than SEO does not make SEO irrelevant but if you want to get to the top of the search results and reach more customers fast, Adword will get you at the top in minutes.


You can Target A Particular Location or Target the World

With Adwords, you can reach your customers (people searching for your product or services) based on location. If your targeted audience are local, country, region or across the world Adwords gives you the power to find them and reach out to them.

Adwords allows you to tailor your ads toward where you believe your customers are and reach out to them.

You Pay only when People Click your Ads

While your ads is live and at a targeted location one thing is sure, you are not wasting your money, you only pay when the ads is been clicked. That is why its been refereed to as Pay-Per-Click Advertisement.

If you set your targeted locations, keywords and the price you are willing to pay per click, its likely that anyone who comes across your ads is searching for something you’er selling or services you render. Since google matches you with your customers, I think its worth paying when they click your ads.

Adwords offers you

Flexible Payments

Allowing you to set how much you are willing to pay when your ads has been clicked. Because it is Pay-Per-Click does not mean you will start receiving unexpected bills.

With Adwords, you can limit your daily ad spend, adjust bids for keywords that you are willing to pay more and reduces bids for under performing keywords. You can access AdWords data and see exactly how your budget has been spent, and improve your budgeting.

In a worst case scenario, the amount of your ads will begin to decrease when your budget starts getting lower. However, you can increase your budget accordingly. This scalability is a nice option if you want a lot of leads in a short amount of time.

Go Beyond Google

If you seen ads on websites that is not owned by Google, most of those website partners with Google thorough Adsense. These websites are third party websites that displays Adwords ads on there pages. So your ads gets the chance of reaching more users outside Google.

This is very good for business that wants to create awareness as customers will see your ads and get to know you.

Reach Targeted Customers

As a business owner, you best about what your customers are looking for, so based on the service your render or the products you sell, you can specifically target your ads to the people currently searching for what you do.

By been targeted, You can show your ads potential customers in a 10 mile radius that are searching for best (put your service or product) near meand other similar variations. By being able to target this exactly you can advertise to potential customers in your area that are looking for your product or service.

When the data starts coming in, you can then start to

Measure your performance

With the data shown you can analysis your performance and measure your results. With AdWords you will see how many people are shown your ads, how many of them visited your website, or call your business. Based on this data you can then work on it and make some changes in other to see more ROI.

Keywords and Ads that are not performing properly you make adjustment to them whenever you want.

Plus, with no contract, you can end your campaign anytime without cancellation fees.

Language Targeting

You speak English, French, Chinese or what ever language you speak and you want to reach customers speaking the same language, uts all up to you to choose.

Adwords provides variety of languages you can run your campaigns, so no matter what language they speak you can reach them with Adwords Ads.

Specific Timing

If your ads does not convert during the day, you can set it to run during the evening. Depending on when you know you can find your customer, you can set your Ads campaign to run by that time. The truth is not all ads will convert during the day, some may perform poorly during the day and perform best at night.

However, when your ads start receiving impressions you will know at what time of the day you’re having the best performance and adjust your ads to run at that time.


These are the very clear benefits you get when using Adwords for your business, if you followed this post till the end you will be clear if your business needs an Adwords campaign or not. Other benefits that are not covered here is that Adwords allows you to target your customers based on demographics (Gender, Age, Household Income, and Parental Status).

If you like this article or have any insights to add, feel free to leave a comment below!


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