Google Shopping

Drive Product Purchases & Increase Revenue

Google Shopping campaigns help you leverage the power of the web to promote online and local product inventory, boost site or local store traffic and drive qualified leads. We use your product data to create AdWords-based campaigns, leveraging Google to promote your products.

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Get found for what people want to buy

Drive Leads

Feature product information directly in your ads and assist in the shopping decision-making process. Show products related to direct consumer searches and provide consumers with the ability to scan through your product offerings before they even land on your page, driving a more qualified visitor upon click-through.

  • Feature product info right in your ad

  • Show products related to searches

  • Drive more qualified visitors


A picture is worth a thousand words

Drive Traffic

Drive higher click-through (CTR) with shopping ads vs. simple text ads by leveraging the power of photo-based shopping ads.

  • Photo-based shopping ads

  • Higher engagement than text ads


Sell what you have and what they want

Manage campaigns easily

Shopping ads use product attributes defined in Merchant Center data feeds to show ads relevant to consumer searches. This makes managing campaigns simple. You can browse your product inventory directly within AdWords and group products for items to bid on.

  • Show ads relevant to consumer searches

  • Leverage product inventory in ad bids

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