Amazon Advertising

Improve Profitability and Growth

Share search queries on Amazon and Google

Google and Amazon cross pollination

Get the most value out of your entire portfolio of advertising opportunity by sharing search queries and product performance between Amazon and Google search. Build and test campaigns, maximize top-performing search queries on both platforms, and leverage search trends between the two ecosystems.

  • Cross-pollinate search queries across Google and Amazon

  • Spot search trends between systems and leverage learnings

  • Optimize campaigns for top performing products 

If you are a retailer, Amazon's marketplace is a must-have for your distribution and advertising channel. Glen Park Media's Amazon advertising solutions are ideally suited for retailers looking to create or expand their presence in the world's largest digital marketplace. Retail marketing has never been easier.

Reach digital shoppers across devices

Product Listings on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest digital marketplaces. As a retailer, if you are not advertising on you are missing out. Consumers come to Amazon to watch videos, search for music and (most important) shop. Glen Park Media's Amazon digital marketing services are designed to help take the challenge out of advertising on Amazon, and to give you the best possible exposure.

  • Products Listings to create targeted campaigns

  • Automated or manual targeting for precise control

  • Upsell and cross-sell advertising opportunities